Our Payroll Processing Service is designed to be quick and simple to operate. Having decided how much of the payroll function you wish to put in our hands, you provide us with details of any weekly or monthly changes to an agreed timetable and we will process the payroll and return your payslips and other any other reports you require.

Once your payroll file has been created the details you must privide are:

  • List of any changes or additions to Employees pay
  • Details of any expenses to be paid
  • Details of starters or leavers

From these we will prepare weekly or monthly:

  • Payslips for your staff
  • Cash analysis
  • Payroll listing and departmental analysis
  • P45s at the time of processing the payroll

The Payroll Managed Service offers a more comprehensive solution that means you do not have to employ specialised payroll staff and you need not worry about changes to legislation or queries from HMRC.

The additional options we can provide include:

  • Mid term severance pay and P45
  • Resolve HMRC enquiries
  • Act as a confidential advice line for your staff