Abacus (ăb’a kŭs) [L. abacus, Gr. Abax –akos, a tablet], n. A counting–frame; an apparatus made of beads sliding on wires for facilitating arithmetical calculations.

Book-keeping (Buk–kē’ping), n. The art or practice of keeping accounts.

Company (kŭm’ pă ni), n. A number of persons associated together by interest of for carrying on business; a corporation.

We do not use beads, and we do more than just bookkeeping. Abacus Book-keeping Company offers specialist bookkeeping, payroll and administrative services to local, national and international Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Established in 2001 Abacus provides a personal service for your business, whether a sole trader, partnership or limited company, enabling you to concentrate on managing and developing the products or services you provide.

We work alongside our clients and their accountants to relieve you of the worry and stress of maintaining business records while ensuring that your business complies with statutory deadlines, to avoid penalties, and providing your accountant with accurate figures for your accounts, to save you money.

In addition to a free initial consultation Abacus is keen to help start-up businesses get their books in order from the start of trading and offers an introductory rate to new companies.